Why Seattle?

Our first home in Seattle

Our first home in Seattle.

My husband and I met in 1996 in the SFO airport waiting for our flight home to Phoenix. Meeting in the airport turned out to be quite apropos as we have spent much of our life together either traveling or moving from place to place. And when I get the question, “Why Seattle?” I have a pretty standard answer:

My husband is from Iowa, I’m from Southern California, we met while living in Arizona, moved from there to Seattle, then Santa Cruz, CA then Avon, Connecticut. By that time we had three children, two boys and a girl, and as our oldest would be entering middle school soon, we thought it was time to stop moving and put some roots down. We looked at all the places we’d lived, and decided that Seattle had the most of what we wanted. We love being close to the water and mountains, the weather is mild, the food and restaurants are the best of anyplace we’ve lived, there is some culture and lots of nature, we love that it is a place our friends and family want to come visit, and overall it was just a really good fit.

We rented a home a neighborhood that is close to downtown, yet stills has a small-town feel. Then we started the house hunting process…another story for another post!


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